The Back Story

10 YEARS AGO Mike and Jessica met for the first time. It was the first night Jessica and her girls went out on the University of Washington campus, and elected to visit a dimly lit fraternity hallway packed with people and laced with the fragrance of cheap beer and boxed wine…turns out that was Mike’s hallway.   Jessica and Mike hit it off immediately, casually talk all night, learning that each had come from a small town, both liked cats, food, and country music, and whatever else you talk about when you’re 18.  Ensuing days, Mike calls Jessica too frequently, but eventually Jessica asks Mike to accompany her to a Pi Phi dance. Mike gratefully accepts.  They share a few more movie dates and see each other out at parties, but nothing serious transpires...yet.

THE NEXT FEW YEARS Mike and Jessica go do their own thing during college - date other people, skip different classes, etc - but share the same group of friends and see each other on a regular basis.  They hang out on Spring Break in Maui and Cabo (both completely by chance, I swear), Mike saves Jessica from a human stampede after UW beat Oregon, and Jessica plays the Buck Hunter video game with Mike at Mug Club (unknowing how much real deer hunting she was going to have to tolerate in subsequent years)


​5 YEARS AGO Mike lands a new job and needs a date for work function who a) is good lookin’ and b) won’t embarrass him in front of his new co-workers. His old friend Jessica is the leading candidate, he asks her, she accepts, gratefully, and Mike picks her up for their first post-college ‘date’.  They socialize, avoid the peanut ridden Thai food, and have drinks together on the pier.  Both knew this could be the start to something special! Mike calls Jessica and they go on another date.  They talk about cats, food, country music, and whatever else you talk about when you’re 23. The two are enamored with one another, and Mike officially asks Jessica to date.  She takes a BIG sip of wine and accepts, gratefully?!
3 OR 4 YEARS AGO Jessica and Mike continue to strengthen their relationship.  They cook, eat, ski, hike, camp, start snowball fights, and  venture off to Sonoma, the Caribbean,  Kauai, Vegas, New Orleans, Priest Lake, Mt Bachelor, and Whistler.  They meet each other’s awesome families and move in together to a small apartment on Queen Anne, and start to talk about their future.
​2 YEARS AGO Mike gets Jessica a cat, and they learn parenting styles. They take an incredible trip to France with Jessica’s parents, run half marathons, hike, ski, camp, and continue to love.  Mike buys Jessica a ring.
LAST YEAR During their fourth annual trip to Whistler, Mike takes Jessica to a quiet place in the village.  She complains about it being cold, and refuses to take her gloves off.  But Mike insists, from a knee, that there is no other way she could get the ring on!!  She says yes, gratefully, and the rest is history!

THIS YEAR Join Mike, Jessica, and their families and cat out in the country for some music, food, wedding, and whatever else you do when you’re 28!